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Old men Dreams


The Old man's dream

My dreams will not be of a future that will no longer exist

They won't be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow

They will not be euphoric or exotic,

I will dream of the abstract that could have been,

Of that love that was desired

What I asked for and what I received,

What I delivered, gave away, and what I lost

What I wanted, and what give others;

From those I carry on my back until I reach the summit

And those who at the summit turned their backs on me,

An old man's dream is:

Of a sunny afternoon in my bones

Of a tender look,

Of a soft voice

From a whisper to my ear telling me: How are you old men?
Dreaming  with the tender murmur of silence:

 whom don't ask

 don't judge

that does not condemn.


Of those my dreams that are lost in my memory,

Like those sweet faces,

Those names that can no longer be spelled

I would like to dream about them, but they are no longer here

I can only dream what they have left me in their journey,

Those red auroras of passion

Those bright star nights, and those flickering street lights,

Of those loud, and firm cries of youth

I want to dream and dream and come back to dream about what I lived

As, tomorrow it won't be.







Composition can be many things, shape, form, colours, space, line, but what is put it together, is Love.                                         



                                                                                                        Everyone have dreams
                                                                                                     some people dreams to be rich others with been in love
                                                                                                     some dream of what will they become when they grow up
                                                                                                     other dreams to be alive one more year
                                                                                                    Can you find you dream in a sunny day?
 in nature, in a bird,
 in the gentle waters,
 in what is in your heart
and what is in front of you?

f/16        Exp 1/400 sec      ISO 100     F Lenght 58mm    


+   +   +

 Shallow Depth of Field


Simple, beautiful, lonely and savage, this is nature and you too              


f/5.6    Exp 1/2000    ISO-800   focus length 225 mm

+    +    +

                   I dream one day that beauty was love,
                                                                                                       and I found that beauty was all of our life's.










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